Bowfinger is a American comedy film directed by Frank Oz. It depicts a down-and-out filmmaker in Hollywood attempting to make a film on a small budget with a star who does not know that he is in the film.

It was written by Steve Martinwho also stars alongside Eddie Murphy in two roles, and Heather Graham as a vapid, ambitious starlet. He has a script " Chubby Rain " penned by an accountant, Afrim, and Ashley brooks nude mirror camera operator, Dave, with access Ashley brooks nude mirror studio-owned equipment.

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Bowfinger then lines up several actors who are hungry for work, along with a crowd of undocumented Mexican immigrants for a camera crew; the only other thing he Ashley brooks nude mirror is access to a studio in order to distribute his masterwork. He extracts a promise from a film studio executive, Jerry Renfro, Ashley brooks nude mirror the executive will distribute the film if it includes currently-hot action star Kit Ramsey.

Ramsey — Ashley brooks nude mirror rather pompous, neuroticand paranoid actor — refuses, so Bowfinger constructs a plan to covertly film all of Ramsey's scenes without his knowledge. The actors, Ashley brooks nude mirror that Ramsey is method acting and will not be interacting with them outside of their scenes, walk up to Ramsey in public and recite their lines while hidden cameras catch Ramsey's confused reactions. The plan goes well at first: Ramsey who is a member of an organization called MindHead swallows the movie's alien invasion premise and believes he is genuinely being stalked by aliens, resulting in an exceptionally genuine and intense performance.

However, the strain on his already-precarious mental state leads him to go into hiding in order to maintain his sanity, stalling the film's production. Bowfinger resorts to hiring a Ramsey lookalike named Jiff.

Jiff is kind, amiable and rather clueless. He even runs through a gauntlet of "stunt drivers" racing along a major freeway when asked. During a chat with the other cast members, Jiff mentions that he is Kit Ramsey's brother, explaining the likeness. Using this Ashley brooks nude mirror knowledge, Bowfinger has Jiff find out Kit Ramsey's movements and the final scene to the film is readied for shooting.

The final scene is at an observatory. Though otherwise pleased with Ramsey's unscripted dialogue, Bowfinger considers his character's final line "Gotcha suckers!

During the filming, Ramsey becomes terrified and struggles to deliver the final line. At this point, Ramsey's mentor at MindHead, Terry Stricter, has discovered evidence that Kit's 'aliens' may not be just in his head.