The Widex EVOKE Fusion 2 has a telecoil, a push button program control and volume controlwater resistant coating, an ingress protection rating of IP68, uses size hearing aid batteries, is Android compatible, and is Widex hearing aid reviews For iPhone.

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The Widex EVOKE Fashion Mini has a push button program Widex hearing aid reviews and volume controlwater resistant coating, an ingress protection rating of IP68, uses size hearing aid batteries, and is Android compatible. The Widex Widex hearing aid reviews Fashion has a telecoil, a dedicated volume control, a push button program controlwater resistant coating, an ingress protection rating of IP68, uses size hearing aid batteries, and is Android compatible. Back to Table of Contents.

Model details listed above may be incomplete or inaccurate.

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For full specifications please refer to product specifications published by the original equipment manufacturer. To suggest a correction to the details listed, please email info hearingtracker.

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Technology specifications listed above may be incomplete or inaccurate. Hearing aid reviews are fundamentally different from reviews for most other consumer electronic products.

The reason is because individual factors, like degree of hearing loss, have a profound effect one's success and overall satisfaction with the product. When purchasing a hearing aid, you'll need to consider more than just your hearing outcome. Hearing Widex hearing aid reviews are manufactured with varying levels of quality; some hearing aids are extremely durable, while others suffer frequent breakage.

Battery life also varies between models, and manufacturer predictions of battery life are often Widex hearing aid reviews.

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By collecting feedback from consumers, we can get a better idea of real world product durability and battery life Hearing Tracker uses a ten-question survey to assess consumer feedback on hearing aids.

The percentage bars below reflect the average ratings provided per question, averaged across all hearing aids belonging to this family of devices. Original answers provided in star rating format.

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Hearing aids are fine, and an improvement over my older Resound units. My only complaint is the TV module Widex hearing aid reviews the old L and R banana plugs, where the Resound used the digital optical cable. I am mystified why Widex would have used older technology when the digital cable connection offers more reliability and better sound quality.

The Evokes do have a lot of processing with noise reduction and speech audibility and vastly improve this for me. Previously tried other manufacturers products four to five years ago but found no significant improvement; with the Evokes, my experience of sounds in general has changed dramatically as has intelligibility of voice with any Widex hearing aid reviews noise.

How is Widex rated?

Soundsense has been rather useful although I'm a little disappointed that this at least on information presented in the iPhone app does not impact any noise reduction algorithms or DSP that I'm aware of, however this feature still helps considerably with picking out a particular voice or drowning out other Widex hearing aid reviews without having to fiddle with the equaliser manually.

I do notice the AGC and profile changing automatically with various environments although still prefer to switch programmes manually but Widex hearing aid reviews is not a negative point, just something I've noticed over the last few weeks of use.

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The new Impact programme is particularly good for speech in noise I've found over all others and Transport is comfortable.

It's either programme or mute unfortunately but there's always control via the iPhone app.

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Streaming is good, as are custom programmes via the iPhone app, it would be nice to have this automatically select Music when streaming but apparently over time they are supposed to learn preferences so will see what happens here. I was surprised that the Oticon OPN1 was not the best considering the Widex hearing aid reviews comments on the forum. The Costco hearing aid performance was most likely poor due the inexperience of the HIS This was the second Costco I tried since the first one had a three month wait due to sick leave and other issues.

The Evoke app for the Iphone can be loaded from the Apple app store. It is relatively easy to use and can be used for a number of functions. There is volume adjust and mute as well as an independent adjust of volume for each hearing aid right and left. For the RIC model volume can be increased by doing a short press of the adjustment button on the right hearing aid and the left side will decrease the volume. Also a long press will allow one to cycle through the programs which have been installed by the Audiologist.

Presently I have three programs: Universal, Restaurant, Music, plus the directional focus function that must be selected by the app. In my Widex hearing aid reviews the Restaurant program has been created by the audiologist for noisy environments while still maintaining some of the automatic processing of the Universal program for different environments.

In the future I may Widex hearing aid reviews to add another program such as the Party program which does not have the automatic selection capability.

In comparing A versus B the choices are: The number Widex hearing aid reviews comparisons can be as many as However it is stated that a significant amount of optimization can obtained after only three comparisons.


The app actually pauses after 7 comparisons and asks if you would like to use the present result or continue with more comparisons. The result can be saved Widex hearing aid reviews a Widex hearing aid reviews with a name from a pre selected list.

Unforunately the app does not let you create a custon name. The main challenge for me in using Soundsense Learn is the amount of time it takes to do the comparisons while keeping the sound environment constant.

Even though I am still learning to use this function it appears to be very effective in creating custom programs for various environments. PRO MFI excellent stereo streaming from Iphone 6 and calling connectiions Speech clarity Good music program and a three band equalizer Selectable directionality if desired right, left, forward, or backward Many selectable programs for the audiologist to choose from Good feedback management Ability to enhance performance for each program and environments via soundsense learn on the Evoke Iphone app.

CON Can't create custom names for favorite programs. Overall, the performance has exceeded my expectations. I upgraded from an older pair of Widex Clear hearing aids Widex hearing aid reviews get the iPhone connection and it has really made a difference for me.

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I enjoy streaming Netflix while my wife sleeps. Widex hearing aid reviews downside is I need more sleep. The actual hearing has improved as well, but I haven't played around much with the machine learning stuff yet.

Hopefully that will help as noisy places are still hard for me. I have only had them for 1 day so I cannot do a fair review yet. Still waiting for the ear molds to come in. Hope they will help. Just got the molds today and they Widex hearing aid reviews a huge difference.