My boyfriend, now my husband, is a size We even had a popular saying.

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You know what that means, right? Eventually the joke was told by so many people that it lost its punch.

The point is that those of us who considered ourselves educated, smart, and non-materialistic thought it was beneath us to make judgements of a man based on his body parts. Scientifically, what did his eyes, face, feet, or anything else have to do with his ability to be kind and understanding?

Well, what can I say?

Scientists now tell us that at least some of a man is indeed the sum of his body parts. Here are some simple tricks that will allow you to gain more insight. This influences their brains, say researchers, causing them to be more nurturing.

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As far as your future children are concerned, this is a good thing. Children with more involved fathers tend do better socially, psychologically, and educationally.

1. The Man Package Matters

Sleep deprivation can also show up as pale skin, wrinkles, fine lines, and a droopy mouth. Why should you care?

Sleepless nights lead to more fights. Conversely, women with high pitched voices tend to have smaller bodies. In one study, men with a higher facial width to heigh ratio behaved more selfishly when dividing resources between themselves and a partner.

Such relationships may get you...

If you are not a spooner, this might not be an issue. On the other hand, pairing up with an anxious person who needs a lot of space can cause life long conflicts if you are the type of person who likes to hug, sit closely, and touch a lot.

People with messy desks tend to be more creative. Does he love hot peppers and spicy foods?

5. He feels totally comfortable...

People who desire novel experiences and who seek sensation think: Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest. What do you think?

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Another clear sign that he is the one for us is that we can trust him. We know everything about him down to his childhood fears, hopes, wishes and dreams. You really need to clean your room sweetie," and that was that.

Scientists tell us that at least some of a man is indeed the sum of his body parts, as well as his desk and a few other things. How do you know if he's the one?. 5.