Vaping has gained mainstream popularity during the last couple years. Aside from proven facts that vape mods possess potentially less harmful properties than traditional cigarettes and marijuana, some people use it for entertaining reasons — one can perform various cool vape tricks that include: Advanced vapers come up with new tricks all the time. So watch the videos, check out our explanations, and share with us your success.

To make your training even Vape trick, we divided vape tricks into several categories by type.

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It looks like a Casper-like release of a vapor ball, sometimes followed by an act of sipping it back in. The ghost hit is also known as the mushroom cloud, or the snap inhale and it is the most natural vape trick. You can do a Ghost Inhale by taking a long MTL drag and allowing it to linger in the oral cavity for a few seconds, and afterward let the vapor come out in Vape trick ball shape.

To do this, you simply have to open your mouth, stick it out a little bit in an O-shape, and then close right away. The dragon is a great vape trick with which one can easily impress their peers. It is a bit extravagant in that it literally makes you look Vape trick a dangerous dragon.

The vapor comes out of your nose and corners Vape trick the mouth with power and menace. All you have to do is take a drag from your vaporizer. Then, use force to exhale it through your nose and through Vape trick corners of your mouth, trying to close your lips tightly only Vape trick the middle.

Check out the video to master this trick. The Vape trick is a great vape trick which basically turns vape into a heavy and fun water-like substance flowing down from the bottle. This impressive vape trick is not that hard to master.

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The waterfall can be achieved by incorporating a bottle that has Vape trick water on the bottom. As you take a drag, blow it into the bottle and slowly pour it out. Check out the video to see this mystical effect. The vapor bubble is a vape trick that makes a huge bubble.

You can make a Vape trick by trapping your exhaled Vape trick inside a bubble. All you need to do is make a cut on the bottom of a plastic bottle and use a mixture of Vape trick soap and water. Afterward, lower the end of the bottle into the liquid, then gently exhale your vapor. Vape trick is the video that shows Vape trick how to perform this trick. The name sounds fun and intimidating, and rest assured that this trick will impress anyone who sees it. This maneuver entails creating a flat pool of vapor that forms into a tornado shape.

The tornado vape is best done with a pen or mod that gives off thick and still vapor. All you have to do is carefully exhale your vapor, but make sure that you Vape trick it on a super flat surface, and bear in mind that it has to be pretty thick. The next step is to make use of your hands and chop at the surface. Afterward, flick your wrist up and raise your arm. Make sure to do it all at once. Watch the video for a Vape trick.

You can create a mist staying Vape trick top of your drink and making it look like some kind of potion. Take a glass of any cold drink, preferably with a wide diameter like the one for whiskey or martini.

Take a nice rip from your vape device. After this, touch the glass rim with your lips like when drinking and slowly exhale the vapor. It will magically stay on top of Vape trick liquid.

French inhale is another impressive vape trick with a fancy name. Basically, what happens during a French inhale is that the vapor flows up from the mouth when you inhale it through your nostrils. Bane is a reasonably advanced vape trick. It starts with the Batman series- The Dark Night Rises referring to the masks worn by Bane, the Vape trick hence the name.

To do a French inhale, let the vapor settle in your mouth after a drag. Next, gently open Vape trick mouth, push your lower jaw out and Vape trick the vapor to exit naturally. The little twist to this trick is that you have to continually inhale through your nostrils.

To Bane, you just need to put your teeth in the Vape trick of vapor so that it comes out in thin pipes shape making you look Vape trick Bane DC villain.