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Do not download the Meetville app under any circumstances, even a free trial, as they will STEAL your photos to add to their fake profiles. They admit to using "nominal members" decoys to entice you to pay. They will never issue a refund for any reason, ever. Like the others on here, never had 1 reply and that's from even the ugliest women on there Meetville website I only wasted I hope the owners of this APP rot in hell and get cancer for ripping people off, scumbags, this app is a fraud, none of these profiles exist.

This site uses bot, to make seem that women are sending winks, likes, even short messages, usually one of 3 basic messages to get a Meetville website interested enough to pay. Once you pay, you try to contact these women, "0", reply!

Then once you are a paid member, it slows down, but still continues with winks, likes, views, but no more messages. When I was a free member, by the time I paid, I had over messages, which was a combination of all for mentioned. I got "0" replies. Later on got 3 replies, one from what Meetville website like Meetville website catfish, a other scammer Meetville website last one that I had noticed there was 2 profiles; I mentioned this, they replied "accident", they took one down and then no more replies.

Custoner service is terrible and don't care about anything but the money. This app is just looting up money by showing the fake profile. It has all fake profiles, they show you in the starting so that they can stick premium to you. I run a business and utilize automated emails text messages so on and so forth.

I think it is funny that I get tons of winks and messages from girls that are way out of my league just being honest, but when I respond back I hear nothing. Now I hope I don't offend but the nasty ones they respond. I also don't like how you have to go in to iTunes to cancel. I have never used a dating Meetville website and probably will never again. I'll do it the old-fashioned way Facebook lol.

This site is all fake profiles. I got a bunch of likes and winks for a few days, once I paid the subscription they all stopped, and none of the previous people ever respond.

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Shame on Apple for not vetting. I never received a message back from average looking single women and Im a relatively handsome guy.

Before I became a paying member, which was a total of say, 48 hrs, I had something akin to 15 messages asking to chat. So I joined thinking this was the new hot app that folks we're actually engaged on. Meetville website was I Meetville website, I responded to every girl Meetville website actually thought was attractive and I had a mutual attraction to.

Not a single one responded, not a single one. I think they were all Bots.

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What a joke, I canceled my membership within 24 Meetville website and I'll Meetville website it to the end of the month just to see what happens. I no woman has replied. The women are not real. This app is a total fake and scam surely. Why Apple allow it on his store? Apple Pay should be held responsible for this hoax of a site. Small towns with thousands of singles??

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I want My money back Meetville!!!! Do not subscribe to these thieves!!!

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This Meetville website is a total rip off Meetville website not download it. Its full of fake accounts and rips off your money too!! Not one message in s of attempts matchs you with people s of miles away save your money try match.

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I have sent hundreds of women messages but not even single woman has replied. I am living in a Meetville website town but too many women introduced on this website are living in my town and none of them has replied to me so far. All those women are not real because in no other dating app have I experienced Meetville website 'zero' reply so far.

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Their terms of use are so sophisticated and they never give you a refund. This app is a total fake and scam. Please don t throw away your money please. I keep getting the same canned messages from several women.


The site doesn't allow you to message without paying. Absolutely chock full Meetville website robots and synthetic profiles. Meetville website, while your phone is powered down, you will receive positive activity including winks and chat suggestions. When you try and respond however you find that you are whistling in the wind. These people don't exist. Try a different site.

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More bots than CS GO or counter strike. Until you sign up all looks legit. Later bam bam girls Meetville website letting winks go and want to chat especially in my case i am igly AF. DoNT Meetville website for it. Dont Sub, ripp off. Actually report the app. Much like every post on here, i concur that this site is a complete waste of time and a scam to drain your pockets. Dont buy into this Meetville website you will regret it. This site is a well-designed scam!

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If you use the free Meetville website, you'll Meetville website led to believe there are people who "like" and want to chat with you. After paying for the subscription, I started Meetville website lots of likes, winks and other match types messages. They wasted my time and money. None of which who stated they signed up for the site. It is nothing but a SCAM!!!! They should be ashamed of themselves for having something like this! I just went on reportaproblemapple.

This site is full of fake profiles and imaginary people. They prompt you to pay for the upgrade so you can read your messages that you have received only to find out they are not really messages, just winks from imaginary members. Stay away from this site, it is a complete joke! After paying for the subscription, I started getting lots of winks. I even came across a few people that I knew on the website. I cancelled a few days after, and no refund was issued.

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Please save your money! I should have checked the reviews first! Do not spend the money Meetville website this site! I am on this site about 2 weeks nowonly winks and likes I get no reply backif this site is fake which I am thinking I want out Meetville website a refundstop playing games ,, this is Meetville website to be problems.

Meetville - dating site reviews. Write a Review Ask a Question Share. Helpful answer 0 Votes Thanks for voting! I got a bunch of likes and winks for a few days, once I Meetville website the subscription they all stopped, and none of the previ. See all answers 1. Are the prices quoted in US dollars? This site is garbageI paid my money to joined not once have I had a replied, what up with that. I deleted my account is my pic still visible.