I met someone on an online dating site, and we exchanged a few messages and there seemed to be a click. We talked for a couple of days and had a talk Online dating guy doesn want to meet the phone and there was good potential. He asked me on a date right away for that same week and suggested place to go and we made provisional plans.

For reasons in my personal life, I had to cancel the date family emergency situation so we rescheduled and he was definitely available to see me anytime and place and excited to do that as soon as possible.

However my family situation escalated and I had to leave town for a few months. I explained to him and he said that he really felt a spark with Online dating guy doesn want to meet and wanted to keep talking while I was away.

So we talked every day, by phone, messaging, facetime and we got very close to each other and although I had never met him I definitely developed a close emotional attachment and bond to him over that time.

Over those four months he became closer to me than anyone else in the Online dating guy doesn want to meet and we both said outright we felt this might be something big between us and it was all very cute and we could not wait to meet each other.

We've talked about it, but...

Then when I got home and was ready to meet, he suddenly seemed to be putting it off. I have asked him about it, and he says he very much wants to meet me but Online dating guy doesn want to meet has a lot going on in his own life he does have some pretty big stuff and he also admits he is a bit scared of maybe not being what I want, maybe him making mistakes and things up and he says he has very deep feelings for me that scare him a bit.

What do you think changes from the guy who was Online dating guy doesn want to meet set to go on a date with me to the one who runs away?

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Give him a deadline. However, I want real relationship, not a virtual one.

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I hope you can make the time to meet me in the next two weeks. Assuming he is a real guy and not a catfisher — the only thing that gets a response will be the thought of losing you. Besides, you know you cannot keep living like this. His words say he wants to meet, but his actions say the opposite.

What does Online dating guy doesn want to meet tell you?

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If you want a real-life relationship, find someone else. You wont believe the number of profiles I have seen online where the pic of the guy is not his real pic. How do I know this? It is because the pic they used is that of an actor not very famous from my home country. Also some of the pics used are of actors when they were young the actor now is over 70 years old. So stop wasting your time on a virtual relationship.

And if he is too busy to meet even the 1st time, how is he Online dating guy doesn want to meet to have time if you guys get into a relationship?

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If you are interested in dating your phone or computer then why do you need a man on the other end? This is nothing but a fantasy! You just have to go and see what happens.

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This just happened to me and reminded me I must follow my own rules no matter what. Due to our travel schedules, it took us 6 weeks to get a time to meet.

And when we went out on Saturday night, it was a bust.

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He said she wanted to go on a date with him, and that meant she wanted money. I almost ran away. None of this came out. I broke my own rules and paid for it. The formula is, talk a little and agree to meet and then do it. Too much talk creates too much of an early bond that is almost impossible to be real.

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If I was on a date, and the guys ex wife texted him about wanting to go on a date…and he told me all that, I would have gotten up, ended the date immediately, and left. Specifically because no matter how awesome it felt or seemed — virtually — there were also so many meetings that turned into completely different storys and NOT the happy endings kind!