Read the personal recommendation of the book from Jan-Erik Nilsson, the owner of the world's largest English language Chinese porcelain Internet site, gotheborg. The best present a lover of Chinese Porcelain can get.

Presentation of the book on YouTube: Structure of the book here.

Content of the book here. How to use the book.

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Case study 1, cup and saucer, here. Case study 2, brush vase, here. We are not talking about a few samples, not even a few hundreds of samples.

Dating antique chinese porcelain

The samples for this one counts into the thousands. This is not an idea, or a 'suggested direction of further research' etc. Now I have a good reference at hand to date the porcelain by faces.


A good guide mark for every porcelain lover, a milestone for dating porcelain. You have mastered what I think is the basis of true international language the ability to communicate simply. The format of simple text and great pictures works wonderfully well when trying to assimilate knowledge. You have nailed it!

This is a reference book for all, well done! As such it should become a 'modern classic' and deserves a place of honour in the 'books I actually use' section of the bookshelves!