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This article shows all keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word. For users with mobility or vision disabilities, keyboard shortcuts can be easier than using the touchscreen and Paste shortcut pc an essential alternative to using a mouse.

This article itemizes the keyboard shortcuts for Word on Windows. Get these keyboard shortcuts in a Word document at this link: Word for Windows keyboard shortcuts. The shortcuts in this topic refer to the Paste shortcut pc keyboard layout. Keys for other layouts might not correspond exactly to the keys on a US keyboard.

Commands that require you to press multiple keys in order are indicated by a comma sign.

Use the keyboard to move around the ribbon. Keyboard shortcut reference for Microsoft Word. The ribbon is the strip at the top of Word, organized by tabs.

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Each tab displays a different ribbon. Ribbons are made up of groups, and each group includes one or more commands. You can access every command in Word by using a shortcut. Add-ins and other programs may add new tabs to the ribbon and may Paste shortcut pc access keys for those tabs. To go to the ribbon, press Alt, and then, to move between tabs, use the Right Arrow and Left Arrow keys.

To use themes, colors, and effects, such as page borders, open the Design tab. To use common formatting commands, paragraph styles, or to use the Find tool.

To manage Mail Merge tasks, or Paste shortcut pc work with envelopes and labels, open Mailings tab. To insert tables, pictures and shapes, headers, or text boxes, open Insert tab. To work with page margins, page orientation, indentation, and spacing, open Layout tab. Paste shortcut pc use Spell Check, set proofing languages, or to track and review changes to your document, open the Review tab.

To add a table of contents, footnotes, or a table of Paste shortcut pc, open the References tab. To choose a document view or mode, such as Read Mode or Outline view, open the View tab.

You can also set Zoom magnification and manage multiple windows Paste shortcut pc documents. To move to the list of ribbon tabs, press Alt; to go directly to a tab, press a keyboard shortcut.

To move into the ribbon, press the Down Arrow key. JAWS refers to this Paste shortcut pc as a move to the lower ribbon. Tab through the options. To select the current option, press Spacebar or Enter.

If the selected command is a list Paste shortcut pc as the Font listto open the list, press the Down Arrow key. Then, to move between items, use the Up Arrow or Down Arrow key. If the selected command is a gallery, to select the command, press Spacebar or Enter. Then, tab through the items.

In galleries with more than one row of items, the Tab key moves from the beginning to the end of the current row and, when it reaches the end of the row, it moves to the beginning of the Paste shortcut pc one. Pressing the Right Arrow key at the end of the current row moves back to the beginning Paste shortcut pc the current row.

Press the letter shown in the square KeyTip that appears over the ribbon command that you want to use. Depending on which letter you press, you may be shown additional KeyTips. If you then press Alt again, KeyTips appear.

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Change focus by using the keyboard instead of a mouse The following table lists some ways to move the keyboard focus when you're using only the keyboard. Move the focus to a different pane of the window, such as the Format Picture pane, the Paste shortcut pc pane, or the Selection pane.

Word offers several different views of a document. Each view makes it easier to do certain tasks. For example, Read Mode enables you to present two pages of the document side by side, and to Paste shortcut pc an arrow to move to the next page. Cut to the Spike. Spike is a feature that allows you to collect groups of text from different locations and paste them in another location.

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When text or an object is selected, open the Create New Building Block dialog box. Use arrow keys to move to end of the row, either the first cell leftmost in the row or to the last cell rightmost in the row. If the Styles task pane is not selected, press F6 to select it. Enter after you type the first few characters of the AutoText entry name and when the ScreenTip appears.

Insert the Unicode character for the specified Unicode hexadecimal character code. For example, to insert the euro currency symboltype 20ACand then hold down Alt and press X.

For example, to insert the euro currency symbol, hold down Alt and press on the numeric keypad. Press the Tab key to get to Object namepress Enter, and then press Enter again. Press Tab, and then press the arrow keys Paste shortcut pc select the graphic that you Paste shortcut pc to insert.

Press the arrow keys to select the WordArt style that you want, and then press Enter. Press Esc to select the WordArt object, and then use the arrow keys to move the object. Every document has a default language, typically the same default language as your computer's operating system.

But If your Paste shortcut pc also contains words or phrases in a different language, it's a good idea to set the proofing language for those words. This not only makes it possible to check spelling and grammar for those phrases, it makes it possible for assistive technologies like screen readers to handle them. Choose the Thesaurus command Review tab, Proofing group.

Choose Table of Contents button in the Table of Contents container when the container is active.

These keyboard shortcuts can save...

This article does not cover customizing keyboard shortcuts or creating keyboard shortcuts for macros or AutoText. If you are using Microsoft Word Starter, be aware that not all the features listed for Word are supported in Word Starter.

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For more information about the features available in Word Starter, see Word Starter feature Paste shortcut pc. Find and use keyboard shortcuts. Move through the Ribbon. Quick reference for Microsoft Word. For keyboard shortcuts in which you press one key immediately followed by another key, the keys to press are separated by a comma.

To expand all sections Paste shortcut pc the article, press Tab until Show all is selected, and then press Enter. Press Enter again to collapse all sections. To expand just one section of the article, press Tab until that section heading and plus sign are selected, and then press Enter.

Press Enter again to collapse the section. Before you start to search, press Tab until Show All is selected, and then press Enter.

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Move to a task pane from another pane in the program window clockwise direction. You may need Paste shortcut pc press F6 more than once.

An edit box is a blank box in which you type or paste an entry, such as your user name or the path to a folder. Move to a task pane from another pane in Paste shortcut pc program window. Display the menu or message for an available action or for the AutoCorrect Options button or the Paste options button. If more than one action is present, switch to the next action and display its menu or Paste shortcut pc. You can ask to be notified by a sound whenever an action is available not available in Word Starter.

To hear audio cues, you must have a sound card. You must also have Microsoft Office Sounds installed on your computer. After you install the sound files, do the following:. Paste shortcut pc you select or clear this check box, the setting affects all Office programs that support sound.

Copy, paste, and other general...

Access keys let you quickly use a command by pressing a few keys, regardless of where you are in the program. Paste shortcut pc command in Word can be accessed by using an access key. You can get to most commands by using two to five keystrokes. To use an access key:. For example, if the Home tab is active and you press N, the Insert tab is displayed, along with the KeyTips for the groups on that tab.

Continue pressing letters until you press Paste shortcut pc letter of the command or Paste shortcut pc that you want to use. In some cases, you must first press the letter of the group that contains the command.

To cancel the action that you are taking and hide the KeyTips, press Alt. Another way to use the keyboard to work with programs that feature the Office Ribbon is to move the focus among the tabs and commands until you find the feature that you want to use.

The following table lists some ways to move the keyboard focus without using the mouse.

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Press either of these keys again to move back to the document and cancel the Paste shortcut pc keys. Get help on the selected command or control on the Ribbon.

If no Help topic is associated with the selected command, a general Help topic about the program is shown instead.

Open a list of browse options. To select multiple files at once, hold down the Control (CTRL) key Next, in many applications, you'll see at the top of the application window.

Both the Ctrl+V and Shift+Insert will Paste shortcut pc the text or object that's Note: The following shortcuts are for PC users only and do not work on. Ctrl+W. Cut.

Ctrl+X. Copy. Ctrl+C.

Tips for how to remember...

Paste. Ctrl+V. Select all. Ctrl+A. Bold.