Every guy is different, but men who fall under the Cancer sign of the zodiac often share similar traits and fall in love in similar ways. Become the A cancer man falling in love of woman a Cancer man might desire if you want him to fall for you.

Nurture him and connect to his sensitive side. Far Innamorare un Uomo A cancer man falling in love Cancro. Reader Approved Why choose wikiHow? Maintain a stable life. Your accomplishments do not need to be the exact same as his, but your life should demonstrate a certain degree of stability.

Show him that you can take care of yourself without him. You should have some direction for your life and be capable of caring for your basic needs. Resist the urge to depend on him materially. Even though most Cancer males are capable of supporting you materially, it's best to avoid that type of situation.

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If the Cancer guy in your life has any reason to suspect that you might be after his money, he might cut himself off from you emotionally.

Unless he offers to pay for you on every date, you should take turns or occasionally split the bill. Don't make any demands regarding gifts or things you want him to buy.

If he does like to dote on you with various material gifts, you should make sure that you give plenty to him, as well. The gifts do not need to be expensive, but they should show a comparable amount of affection.

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Stand up for yourself. You might be worried about making your sensitive Cancer man upset if you argue with him, but a healthy argument can actually increase the esteem he holds for you. The key is making sure that your arguments are reasonable and healthy.

Don't lash out, aim for his weak spots, or make unfair accusations. When the time comes to reconcile, don't hold back. Take care of your appearance. Generally speaking, Cancer men can be somewhat superficial regarding appearances.

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You don't need to be a beauty queen, but dressing up for him every now and then can certainly help your cause. You don't need to do anything extreme, but when you should generally maintain good hygiene, wear a little make-up, and dress in clothes that flatter you.

Scent can be another powerful tool. Look for a feminine, flowery perfume, body wash, or shampoo. Make it your signature scent and let him learn to associate it with you.

Behave A cancer man falling in love a graceful manner. Since Cancer men are sensitive beings, they can appreciate inward beauty as well as outward beauty. Try to go through life in a poised, graceful manner. Losing your temper on occasion is natural and fine, but it needs to be the exception to the rule and not your standard behavior. Become an expert on his moods and emotions.

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Cancer men tend to be among the most emotional, A cancer man falling in love zodiac males. If you can master the ability to decipher his moods and react accordingly, you can find your way into his heart rather quickly. When he feels distressed, ask him about what's wrong. If he hesitates, let him open up at his own pace but make it clear that you are willing and eager to listen. When he's not actively unhappy, keep him laughing.

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The typical Cancer man loves to laugh, so a woman who can keep him smiling will seem very appealing. Lean on him for emotional support.

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Drop your guard and let yourself be vulnerable in front of him. Most Cancer men are fully capable of supporting you emotionally and actually appreciate having the opportunity to do so. Confide in him about your secrets. Turn to him first when you've had a bad day.

He craves empathy from those he cares about and yearns to return it. Appreciate his thoughtful side. You'll need to appreciate his thoughtfulness towards you, and you'll also need to accept and encourage his thoughtfulness toward others. Even though most Cancer men are loyal, there can be times when they'll prioritize helping someone else over spending time with you.

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Don't be surprised if he rushes to the side of a sick friend or offers to assist a neighbor with a difficult task, even if it means canceling a night with you to do so. His sense of obligation can take over at inconvenient times, and you'll need to learn how to tolerate that.

Healthy arguments can be beneficial, but lashing out or spouting spiteful insults won't be. If you attack his weak points through your words, you may cause him to put up a barricade between you A cancer man falling in love his heart. He might be more sensitive to criticism than most, so comments that cut him down will cause him to withdraw.

You can bring up constructive criticism or concerns when A cancer man falling in love, but stay away from criticisms that do nothing but insult him. Make a considerate gesture. When your Cancer man can feel how much you love him, he might be more likely to fall in love with you in return.

Do something nice for him without having a reason. A little well-timed kindness can go a long way. When you say "I love you," make it meaningful, passionate, and genuine. Don't say it just to say it. Gifts that remind him of your relationship can be especially effective. Think photo albums, love poems, and trips to sentimentally significant spots--like the place you first met, for instance.

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Gestures that nurture are also a plus, so you might try giving him a home-cooked meal or a hand-knitted scarf. Don't play the jealousy game. You might be A cancer man falling in love to make your Cancer man jealous by flirting with other guys, but doing so will inevitably work against you.

Most Cancer males tend to lean on the possessive side, so they can become jealous quickly and don't handle the emotion well.

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Deal with emotional problems immediately. No matter who feels hurt—you or him—the two of you need to sit down and iron out your emotional difficulties as rapidly as possible. His negative feelings probably won't vanish on their own, and he may also expect your negative feelings to linger until resolved. When he feels hurt, he may withdraw from you until you A cancer man falling in love him an honest apology.

On the other hand, if you withdraw emotionally, he can become clingy and demanding. The only way to calm him down is to open your heart back up and make amends.

Look for signs of affection. Since Cancer men A cancer man falling in love to be so sentimental, you might know when he has fallen in love with you before he even says the words. Watch for a shift in his behavior. If he becomes notably more affectionate towards you, his heart may very well be yours.

Increased levels of affection and consideration are good signs. If he does a lot of hugging, asking about your day, and sensing your moods, he might be falling for you. Similarly, if he withdraws or seems notably hurt when you upset him, it could mean that he has become emotionally attached to you.