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The people that have to stop and stand right after the first step off the train. I don't know maybe its a genetic defect in japan but when ever they cross threw a doorway they automatically stop the flow.

Clods who try and squeeze into a space between two seated passengers when there is clearly not enough room for them. Oh, they're just getting back at the clods "who sit spread-eagled, taking up space for two or three.

Actually, these train Drunk japanese girl on the train designers didn't take into account that people have shoulders and arms. Sure, there's enough room for their butts usually but if they all sit back, their shoulders are going to bump. The other day there was this metabol guy, who must weigh twice as much as me, sitting, taking up Drunk japanese girl on the train of the next seat.

Heck, I wiggled my way in there! I'm not going to let half a seat go to waste!

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I take issue with the people who try to make their way down the train carriages while the train is in motion, in an effort to save time out on the platform or for whatever Drunk japanese girl on the train, I say hard cheese and do my best to inconvenience them for a few seconds, cos that's all they're saving while they inconvenience everyone else who has to move out of the way.

These people ought to be sitting down with their seat belts fastened until the train comes to a complete stop. And where are the seat belts anyway? Isn't this supposed to be a safety country? Ha ha ha ha ha ha Drunk japanese girl on the train

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Incidentally, I meant the ones who make their way down the train carriageS i. Yup, all of the above. But the ONE thing that REALLY bugs me is the Drunk japanese girl on the train middle-aged salary-men, with the bar-code comb-overs, the thick bifocals with the black bars on the top, who have cultivated their pinky-fingernails, and who proceed with nasal and ear cleansing en route, all the while sweating profusely.